For Arts Organizations: Level UP!

Balancing Act’s new three-year program, Level UP! supports performing arts organizations and collectives as they pilot strategies that forefront more inclusive, care-led workplace policies and practices.

The Level UP! program offers consultation, evaluation, and administrative support as organizations explore the implementation of supportive measures for parents and caregivers.

Level UP! Strategies

Pathways to Agreement: Supporting conversations about ‘needs’ between engagers and artists/arts workers.

Childcare Solutions: On-site childcare, Infrastructure for Touring, Childcare Subsidies

Flexible Working Models: Alternative models for Production Schedules and Administrative Positions

Creating a Compassion Fund: Including a fund in production budgets to support a range of care needs.

Level UP! supports organizational change by creating efficient pathways to increased access and opportunity for artists and arts workers in the performing arts sector.

Consultant: Jeanne LeSage, LeSage Arts Management

Evaluation: Meredith Davis, Good Roots Consulting

Level UP! National Roundtable Series 2022 (virtual)

Co-presented with the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT), these roundtables are a series of public ‘working conversations’ between international guests and our partner companies who are piloting workplace strategies to support parents and caregivers.

January 13: Flexible Working Models (Roseneath Theatre, Neptune Theatre, Outside the March, Fringe Toronto)

February 24: Childcare Solutions (Quote Unquote Collective, Soulpepper, Harbourfront Centre, Lunchbox Theatre)

April 7: Pathways to Agreement (Why Not Theatre, Neworld Theatre, Toronto Dance Theatre)

May 19: Compassion Fund (Nightwood, Obsidian Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times, Native Earth, Tapestry Opera)

All Roundtables 1-2:30 EST (zoom). Register through PACT here.

The Level UP! Program is guided by Balancing Act’s Steering Committee.

Learn more: Balancing Act’s Steering Committee.